Lightbox Suits Season 5

HTML5 Banner Ads

Client: Various Advertising Agencies What: HTML5 Banner Ads Date: 2015-2016 Role: Developer, Animator

Banner Ads are a common request among clients. I have experience using Google DoubleClick Studio as well as other 3rd party media servers. I prefer to develop HTML banners using a code editor but can also use Adobe Animate or other software upon client request. When the change over from Flash to HTML5 first happened I did some tests rebuilding the last banners I developed in Flash to HTML5 to see how file size and animation options stacked up. I was pleasantly surprised. Below is a selection of HTML5 banners I have done for agencies.

Canadian Club Refresh your drink

Smiths City Trade-In & Save

Blue Coconut 50 Ways. A SWIFFY Flash to HTML5 conversion. The client was able to reuse these files post-flash with very little code tweaking.

Lightbox Suits Promo. Originally done in Flash at 36kb. Redone in HTML5 at 9kb (+ 1 approved cached external library)