Old El Paso before and after banner ad

Old El Paso Banners

Client: Old El Paso What: Banner Ads Date: 2006 Role: Concepts & Designer

Market research had showed that Old El Paso was a welcomed dinner idea for the family but not one often remembered. A page takeover for a popular women’s magazine was purchased and the idea to have a countdown to dinner ticker at the top of the page was born. Also fun illustrations were commissioned to show a family bored with the regular dinner routine and then excited when Old El Paso was served on the table.

Countdown to Dinner

The countdown to dinner banner

Old El Paso Bored Family

The bigbox showing a bored family before Old El Paso is served for dinner

Old El Paso Happy Family

The bigbox after the switch on dinner has been flipped

Old El Paso branded skyscraper

Branded Skyscraper to complete the page takeover