Ghoul School Problem Bar

Quest for the Golden Rule

Client: PractiQuest What: Social e-Learning Program for Schools Date: 2010

The Quest for the Golden Rule is used by school boards in Ontario, Canada. It’s a researched based social learning program to help prevent bullying among school kids. The main module is a choose-your-own-adventure style story built using Adobe’s Captivate e-Learning software. We did the main Captivate Development and also created supporting activities and animations to round out the program.

Ghoul School Home Screen

Starting screen for grade 4 program

Ghoul School Problem Bar

Choose your own response screen

Ghoul School Spot the Bullying

Identify the type of bullying/friendship activity

Mission to Mars Home Screen

Starting screen for grade 3 program

Mission to Mars Helmet Designer

Build a customized helmet activity

Mission to Mars Team Building

Success screen after part I

Bark Academy Home Screen

Starting screen for grade 2 program

Bark Academy Captain Fairness Intro Animation

Animated introduction to guide character

Bark Academy House of Mirrors

Identifying emotions activity